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Project Description

The Forecast Exchange is a fun risk management system. No such thing, you say? Well, the idea is to create a free stock market where all employees (including management and those with inside information) compete in guessing how projects will go. Using incentives (prizes in some form or the other) from the company, the resulting trading information will give surprisingly accurate predictions of the future development of projects. In addition, almost as a bonus side effect, the system provides a good system for informing employees of the company goals. Release 1.0 is now planned for early June 2009 and will contain the bare minimum to get this going.

Beta version


TFE is released as a MSI setup file. Run this file to install TFE on your web server. It can be un-installed from Add/Remove Programs in the Windows control panel.

System requirements

TFE is developed for the .NET Framework version 2.0. It's hosted in IIS, and uses an Access database to store data. In addition it requires the Microsoft Ajax Extensions ( to be installed on the server.

User documentation

Helpful instructions are embedded in the TFE web site itself.

Source code

If you download the code you will see that we have created two Visual Studio solutions:
  • theforecast.sln for development and testing (located in the theforecast folder)
  • Forecast.Setup.sln for creation of the release/setup file (located in the theforecast/Forecast.Setup folder)

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